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Get a Visual on Arizona’s Farming and Ranching

October 8, 2010

No excuses any more. You can learn all about Arizona farming and ranching and get a real visual on it all in the comfort of your own home  thanks to YouTube and Fill Your Plate.

Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate now features nearly 30 videos about Arizona agriculture. You can learn about local Arizona agriculture, Arizona ranchers, Arizona farmers, Organic Arizona agriculture, generational farming and ranching, Arizona’s Ostrich farmer, Arizona’s chili farmer and so much more.

And, Western Growers now has two of their videos in our Fill Your Plate video archives. Their two videos feature both California and Arizona produce growers and give some real insights into where Americans get most of their fresh and wonderfully tasty produce.

We even have a cotton farmer demonstrating how to make cotton Bur wreaths. Tiffany Shedd of The Cotton Shedd has a great story on how she started making these delightfully creative wreaths.  A third-generation cotton farm in Pinal County, the Shedds grow cotton, wheat and alfalfa and a variety of agriculture products. She even shares how she met her husband. You’ll get some of the most classic Arizona stories by viewing our videos on Fill Your Plate.

And, a couple of my personal favorites in the video category are “The Journey of My Eggcellent Egg” which profiles Hickman Family Farms and “City Slicker: The Udder Story” which profiles the Boyle Dairy. Both are eye-opening stories of modern agriculture production. They show how Arizona agriculture is nutritiously, safely and deliciously feeding you, me and the world!

So, if you’re not sure how farming is done in Arizona, you need to spend some time in Fill Your Plate’s Video Archives section. It’s a real treat and will make you hungry for Arizona agriculture product by the time you’re done. So then, just hop over to the searchable Fill Your Plate Directory.

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